Darryl J. Hopkins
Curriculum Vitae
Visual Art and Design



Darryl Hopkins is a visual artist whose work has been criticized by some as confrontational or
obscene. He often stares with an unblinking eye into the state of our human condition which many are
content to ignore or deny. His work is not for everyone.
The imagery of Hopkins' work can be extremely evocative, whether in its rawness or subtlety, but
directly honest in conception and execution. It is an unpredictable style which assumes many forms that
speak to the heart as well as the mind.
As an artist, Hopkins challenges himself in his expressive studies, tackling complex topics of fear,
anguish, alienation, and archetypes of systemic oppression. He presents no easy solutions or empty
promises of salvation but paradoxically shows the futility of individual suffering when suffering is so
evident in everyone.


2010         “The Terrestrial Tourist”
                 Curator: Melissa Winkler

2000/01   Vancouver Eastside Culture Crawl

2000         “As Of Yet Untitled”

1998         “Still Wet Works”
                 DV8 Lounge

1996         “Lumbago's Muse”
                 Kariton Gallery
                 Curator: Don Wright

1994         “The Day of the Carnation”
                 Kariton Gallery
                 Curator: Don Wright


2010         “The Living Society Art Show And Mixer”
                 Studio 538
                 Curator: Tonye Aganaba

2004          “Please Spill the Wine”
                  Joint Exhibit with Mike Binzer at the Blomfield Manor

2001          “Demure Bedaub”
                 Collaborative Piece with H.S.F. members Jeff Sawatsky and Jaret Penner at DV8

2000          “Text”
                  Juried Exhibition at DV8

1998/99    The Lounge Benefit Art Auction

1996          “Working Together For Change”
                  Juried Exhibition at Kariton Gallery   

                  Raw Raw Boys
                  Unsanctioned Art Attack at the U.C.F.V. Gallery

1995          “Book”
                  Display and lecture at the U.C.F.V. Gallery

                  An H.S.F. Collaborative Event at Kariton Gallery

1994          “Generation X-Hibition”
                  Juried Show at Kariton Gallery

           “U.C.F.V. Printmakers Exhibit”
                   U.C.F.V. Gallery

           Salon Des Refuses
                  Kariton Gallery

           Salon Des Refuses
                  Young At Arts
1993          “The Sexuality Show”
                  Art Show Benefit and Auction at The Pitt Gallery

           Salon Des Refuses
                  White Rock Community Art Gallery

           Salon Des Refuses
                  Maple Ridge Community Art Gallery


Writer, Director, Storyboard artist
“All Out” An Alwaysfurther Films short film
Writer and Storyboard Artist
“T.G.T.” feature film for Mazas Entertainment
Writer and storyboard Artist
“This end up” An Alwaysfurther Films short film
Co-writer, Storyboard Artist, Concept Design
“Peaches” An Alwaysfurther Films short film
Rhad Manthus, The Arbitrators, MOFO, and The Sire Graphic Stories
Concept Designer and Storyboard Artist
“JOSEPHINE” Screenplay by Belzimillien Parenteau
Art Director
Boomer-X Magazine
Concept Designer and Illustrator
XJ6 Graphic Novel Manuscript written by RJ Walker

Ground Zero interior wall murals, theme rooms
Katz Klub interior wall murals
Commissioned by Telus for the 1995 Western Canada Summer Games
Commissioned by the Fraser Valley Credit Union
Vehicles, Sculpture, and clothing

The Impetus Group Filmmakers workshop- Co-founder and Member
The H.S.F. Collective- Co-founder and Member
Salon Des Refuses Artist Society- Former Member

Fine Arts Diploma Program at the University College of the Fraser Valley
Major in Painting/Printmaking


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